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Sankhuwasabha,Nepal Professional

Oct 5th, 2022 at 01:51   Blogs   Sankhuwasabha   317 views Reference: 475

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Location: Sankhuwasabha

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Located in the Koshi Zone, Sankhuwasabha is one of the 75 districts in Nepal with its headquarters at Khandbari covers an area of 3,480 km² with a population of 158,742 in 2011  and the indigenous ethnic groups of Rai, Yakkha, Limbu, Newar, Gurung, Magar, Abadhi, Sunuwar, Rajbansi, Maithili, Tamang, Sherpa, and the caste group  Brahmin and Chhetri reside in the area. The district also has the deepest valley of the world, Arun Valley Which is famous for cardamom farming Besides these, the places to visit in Sankhuwasabha are Khandbari, Madibirta, Humung, Tumlingtar, Chainpur, Chhyankuti Bhanjyang, Barabise, Pangtha, Chandanpur, Hedangna, Himalayan peaks like Makalu, Lumbasumba, Kumbhakarna, lakes and ponds like Sabha Pokhari, Panch Pokhari, Gosa Pokhari, Rota Pokhari, Banduke Pokhari, Kala Pokhari, Jumlyaha Pokhari, Kapdane Pokhari, WaterfallsBodha, Waling, Namase, Batase, Tanglewaand additionally many lodges and accommodation facilities, as well as communication and health facilities, are accessible within the districts

                                                           Places To Visit in Sankhuwasabha

Shivadhara: Shiva Dhara, located on the way to Mt. Makalu Base Camp, in Makalu VDC ward no 5 of Sankhuwasabha, is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites of Sankhuwasabha. Every year, on the full moon of August, a big fair takes place there. A great many pilgrims from different places go to the sacred site to have a sacred bath. The site is named after Shiva Parbati. Being situated on a high altitude the place is covered with snow for about 8-9 months. So no people go there on the other times. There is about 10 – 25 meters area on where the tap falls by moving and wets the pilgrims itself. It is strange to know it discriminates the pilgrims who are sinful and who are religious. The people who get there feel as if they have reached heaven and return with a sacred heart.

Chhyankuti: Chhyankuti, located on the way to Mt. Makalu Base Camp, 10 kilometers far to the north of Sankhuwasabha District Headquarter Khandbari, is one of the most beautiful sites near Khandbari bazaar. From there you can observe and take photos of the snowed capped the Mt. Makalu and the other Himalayan Peaks, the green forests and the Arun Valley site and the beautiful scene of the Arun River. From there you can enjoy observing the beautiful scenery of the neighboring Bhojapur district.

Gupteshwor Mahadev: It’s the holy shrine of the Hindu god Shiva inside a natural cave that’s located at Jaljale VDC of Sankhwasabha district, Though the cave entrance gate is little inside the cave is wide enough to accommodate about 200 individuals at a time however The dark cave needs the guests to hold lights while they enter. The cave incorporates a phallic symbol of Lord Shiva which is incessantly showered with milky-water from an image of a cow. On the occasion of ThuliEkadasi within the month of Kartik, (late October-early November), a spiritual fair is organized at the place. it’s one amongst the must-visit places in Sankhuwasabha district for religious as well as a cultural value

Sabha Pokhari: Situated at an altitude of 4,240m at the bottom of Lumba Sumba Himal in the district, Sabha Pokhari is a natural lake that has spiritual significance. According to a Hindu mythology, a wise ascetic named Byasa (the author of Vedas, the Hindu holy scripts) once organized a gathering of all 88 thousand sages, saints, and ascetics and gave a speech on how human will acquire peace in a lifetime and attain heaven after death. The place where the lake is located in a rare example of natural beauty and landscape and also the place is nice for trekking.

Manakamana: The temple of Manakamana Devi is located at the north of Tumlingtar on the eastern bank of Arun river. The ancient stone image of Manakamana Devi Nava Durga Bhagawati (Durga in her original form) is enshrined within the temple along with an image of Lord Shiva, LordGanesh and lots of more. On the occasion of Thuli Ekadasi, a great religious fair is organized where individuals from the near and far village gather in order to participate in the fair and festival.

Makalu Barun National park and Conservation Area: This national park and conservation area is one amongst the must-visit places not only inSankhuwasabha but additionally in Nepal. The park houses a number of the country’s richest and unique species of plants and animals furthermore as flora plants and vegetation

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Angel Dumi Rai Aug 30th, 2023 at 16:04

wow grt place