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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my advertisement ?

It's very easy. Simply click on the button "LIST YOUR BUSINESS” then register and upload an ad.

How to register?

Click here to see demo video:

 How much does it cost to advertise?

It’s absolutely free regular ad, however it costs some small fee for other ads:

*PREMIUM LISTING: This ad comes in the home page, and it’s fee  structure goes:

1 month for Rs. 150, 3 months for Rs.450, 6 months for Rs. 850, 12 months for Rs.1700

* SPECIAL OFFER:  This ad comes in the home page, and it’s fee  structure goes:

1 month  for Rs. 200, 3 months for Rs. 600, 6 months for Rs.1150, 12 months for Rs. 2000

* BANNER AD: This ad comes in the home page, and it’s fee  structure goes:

1 month Rs. 200, 3 months Rs 600, 6 months Rs.1400, 12 months Rs. 2500

NOTE: All these displayed rates are 30% discounted rate, and it stays the same until the end of 2080.

If I post a listing, will I also get more spam emails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website.

How long will my listing remain on the website?

Regular advertisement stays as is forever, though paid ad gets removed as per the duration chosen.

Can I edit or deactivate my account?

Absolutely you can login anytime and edit information or deactivate the account if you don't do it anymore because of any reason.

Do I get any reward or credit for sharing this information for the public?

Share it on your Facebook post and tag 99 people to qualify for free 3 months of any paid advertisements. Then again you can repeat the same.  After sharing the post, wait for 24 hours and send us it's screen shut picture.

 Simply copy and paste the below message in your Facebook post :

स्थानीय स्तरको व्यापारिक वा सार्वजनिक विज्ञापन ७७ वटै जिल्लाबाट निशुल्क वा सानो शुल्कमा यहाँ राख्न पाइने  E-Directory को सिस्टम बनाइएको छ

If you have any questions/केहि सोध्नु परेमा हाम्रो सम्पर्क यसप्रकार छ :

Phone Number: +977-9813-982116

Whatsapp Number: +977-9813-982116



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