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Ram Bahadur Bomjon: The Mysterious Yogi of Nepal" Professional

Nov 19th, 2023 at 07:24   Blogs   Kathmandu   23 views Reference: 1002

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In the mystic landscapes of Nepal, a figure emerged in the early 2000s who captivated the imagination of both locals and the international community. Ram Bahadur Bomjon, also known as the "Buddha Boy," gained widespread attention for his extended meditation sessions, ascetic lifestyle, and claims of spiritual enlightenment. This article delves into the intriguing life and enigmatic journey of Ram Bahadur Bomjon.

Early Life:

Born on April 9, 1990, in Ratanapuri village, Bara district, Nepal, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's early life was relatively unremarkable. His family belonged to the Tamang community, an indigenous group in Nepal. Raised in a rural setting, Bomjon's upbringing was ordinary until he gained notoriety for his supposed spiritual experiences.

Initial Spiritual Revelation:

In 2005, at the age of 15, Bomjon attracted attention when he was said to have been meditating under a pipal tree in Ratanapuri without food or water for several months. Devotees and curious onlookers flocked to witness the young boy's seemingly miraculous feat. The media soon caught wind of the phenomenon, and Bomjon began to be referred to as the "Buddha Boy."

Extended Meditation and Austerities:

Ram Bahadur Bomjon's meditation sessions extended for long periods, with claims of him meditating continuously for months or even years without sustenance. His reported ability to endure extreme austerities, such as exposure to the elements and fasting, fueled speculation about his spiritual prowess.

Controversies and Skepticism:

While Bomjon gained a significant following of devoted disciples, his activities were not without controversy. Some skeptics questioned the authenticity of his claims, and there were reports of altercations between Bomjon's followers and the authorities. Additionally, concerns were raised about the conditions under which he was meditating, with critics arguing that the extreme practices might have detrimental effects on his health.

Teachings and Messages:

Throughout his public appearances and interactions with followers, Bomjon shared spiritual teachings centered around meditation, compassion, and the pursuit of inner peace. His messages often emphasized the importance of self-discipline, renunciation of worldly desires, and the path to enlightenment.

Periods of Seclusion:

Ram Bahadur Bomjon went through multiple phases of seclusion, retreating from the public eye to engage in deep meditation. During these periods, rumors and speculation about his spiritual attainments continued to circulate. The mysterious nature of his retreats added to the allure and intrigue surrounding the "Buddha Boy."

Legal Issues and Investigations:

Over the years, Bomjon faced legal issues, including accusations of assault and confinement against some of his followers. These incidents raised questions about the dynamics within his close-knit community and prompted authorities to investigate the claims.

Current Status:

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Ram Bahadur Bomjon's activities have continued to be shrouded in mystery. Reports about his whereabouts and current status remain sporadic, and he has periodically reemerged to address his followers or make public statements.


The story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon is a complex narrative that weaves together elements of spirituality, skepticism, and mysticism. While he has garnered a dedicated following and captured the curiosity of the public, the enigmatic nature of Bomjon's journey leaves much to interpretation. The "Buddha Boy's" legacy remains a subject of ongoing fascination and debate, symbolizing the intersection of spirituality and the complexities of human belief. As time unfolds, the story of Ram Bahadur Bomjon continues to be a captivating chapter in the tapestry of Nepal's spiritual landscape.


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Ram Bahadur Bomjon: The Mysterious Yogi of Nepal"
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