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Gorkha,Nepal Professional

Oct 6th, 2022 at 03:52   Blogs   Gorkha   285 views Reference: 483

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Location: Gorkha

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Gorkha, Situated at 140km west of national capital at an altitude of 1,135 meters, which covers an area of 3,610 km² is the ancestral town of Nepal’s ruling royal family having a population of 271061 according to census 2011. Gorkha is merely 18 kilometer up a paved road of the Pokhara-Kathmandu highway. The historic birthplace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified the kingdoms of Nepal in 1769 it maintains a lot of its centuries-old charm with the main durbar Palace as the central attraction.

Gorkha is the foundation of Nepal. it’s the home to the bravest-of-the-brave troops within the world, Gurkha. From the Gorkha, the vision of the current Nepal was sketched by the first king of modern Nepal. Before that, Nepal was divided into small kingdoms until when Prithvi Narayan Shah, the first king of Nepal had the vision to unite small kingdoms into a singular strength to make a wall against the rising force from the East, East Indies Company. Gorkha holds the history of the country.

The Gorkha Durbar, which is constructed on the peak above the market below, is the finest example of architectural and war-strategy of the past. From the palace, one can see the 360-degree view of the Gorkha village, which makes the palace as a vantage point, for now, however, it was a technique to guard the royal families against the offensive armies, in the past. Gorkha is generally inhabited by the Gurung tribesmen, UN agency has attained enough praise within each World Wars, as well as a medal. However, despite their fierce perspective within the piece of ground, they’re friendly folks with a convention of a real cordial reception.

Places to Visit In Gorkha

Manakamana Temple: The Manakamana Temple located in the Gorkha district of Nepal is the sacred place of the Hindu goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati. The name Manakamana originates from two words, “mana” which means heart and “kamana” which means wish. honored since the 17th century, it’s believed that goddess Bhagawati grants the wishes of all those who build the pilgrimage to her shrine to worship her. Cable car connecting Kurintaar to Manakamana temple is the way towards the Temple.


Gorkha Bazaar: Gorkha Bazaar is primarily a cobbled street marketplace whereby people from neighboring hill dwellings come to trade. There are many temples near about, but not a lot of. Yet, it’s worth a visit as it provides a very sensible scene of the quiet charm that soaks a typical hill village of Nepal.


Gorkha Durbar: Gorkha Durbar is the main attraction of Gorkha, an hour steep walk up a hill from the bazaar area. It used to be the lodging of King Prithvi Narayan and his ancestors. The Durbar itself is a humble, yet quite spectacular, complex of a temple, fort, and a palace built in the Newar style of Kathmandu. The view of the Himalayan range and the deep valleys from up there’s quite breathless.


Gorakhnath Cave: 10 meters below the palace’s southern side, is the sacred cave temple of Gorkhanath. The cave is carved out of the solid rock and is among the foremost vital religious sites for thought Brahmins and Chhetris of Nepal.



Kalika Temple: Kalika temple is the psychedelic 17th-century fantasy of peacocks, demons, and serpents, carved into every available inch of timber. Only Brahmin Dominies and the king can enter the temple, but non-Hindus are permitted to observe from the terrace.

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