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Celebrating Kag Tihar: The Unique Festival of Crows in Nepal Professional

Nov 12th, 2023 at 07:46   Blogs   Kathmandu   247 views Reference: 952

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Nepal, a country rich in cultural diversity and traditions, is home to a myriad of festivals that reflect its deep-rooted heritage. One such unique and lesser-known festival is Kag Tihar, a celebration dedicated to crows. While festivals like Dashain and Tihar are more widely known, Kag Tihar holds a special place in the hearts of Nepali people, adding a touch of mystique and reverence to their cultural tapestry.

Origins and Significance:

Kag Tihar, also known as Kaag Puja, is celebrated on the second day of Tihar, the festival of lights. Tihar is a five-day Hindu festival that worships various animals, including crows, as messengers of Lord Yama, the god of death. Kag Tihar falls on the day after Kukur Tihar, a day dedicated to honoring dogs. The festival typically occurs in October or November, depending on the lunar calendar.

The significance of Kag Tihar lies in the belief that crows act as messengers between the living and the dead. Devotees believe that by offering food to crows on this day, they can appease Yama and ensure the well-being of their departed loved ones. The act of feeding crows is seen as a way of honoring and respecting the bond between the living and the deceased.

Rituals and Celebrations:

Kag Tihar involves several rituals and customs that add a unique flavor to the festival. On this day, households across Nepal wake up early in the morning and prepare a special meal for crows. The meal typically consists of rice, sweets, and various delicacies, arranged on a designated area outside the house. Devotees believe that the crows, being messengers of Yama, will carry the offerings to the realm of the dead.

As the crows descend to partake in the feast, families watch with reverence, offering prayers for the well-being of their departed ancestors. The belief in the spiritual significance of crows during Kag Tihar creates a sense of unity and continuity between the living and the deceased, fostering a deep sense of familial and cultural connection.

Community Participation:

Kag Tihar is not only a family affair but also a community celebration. People gather in neighborhoods and public spaces to share the joy of the festival. The communal aspect of Kag Tihar fosters a sense of unity and togetherness, as people join hands to perform rituals, exchange blessings, and share the festive atmosphere.


Kag Tihar, the festival dedicated to crows, stands out as a distinctive cultural celebration in Nepal. Rooted in ancient traditions and beliefs, this festival highlights the deep respect and connection Nepali people have with their departed loved ones. As crows take flight to carry the offerings to the realm of the dead, Kag Tihar becomes a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life and death, woven into the cultural fabric of Nepal.


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Celebrating Kag Tihar: The Unique Festival of Crows in Nepal
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