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VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition (Nepal)
Name: VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition (Nepal)

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VLCC Complex, 27 Niketan Marg, Dillibazaar Kathmandu, Nepal

Company Overview

Driven by the growing demand for specialized services in the Indian personal care market, VLCC, a category leader in the wellness domain with a strong global vision, started VLCC Institutes in 2001. The VLCC Institutes were established with the objective of rendering skilled professionals to the industry and helping students carve a niche for themselves in this creative world. Today, there are 51 institutes in 38 cities offering courses in Beauty & Nutrition. The students at the VLCC institutes receive a holistic perspective of the industry, right from the induction, special lectures, and seminars, to mid-term and end of term evaluations. The faculty at the institute is highly qualified. The institutes are spread across all states, giving an opportunity to students living in small towns to acquire the same professional skills as those in the metros. The institute consciously maintains an optimum student-teacher ratio. VLCC’s industry connections and nationally accredited degrees ensure high-quality placements for its students. VLCC Institutes are now affiliated to IGNOU to impart vocational training in Nutrition &Beauty Courses which is also affiliated with Doncaster College, UK and Cengage Learning, U
VLCC Complex , 27 Niketan Marg, Dillibazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal Ph: 4421231 /4421238

 General Information of VLCC Institute of Beauty and Nutrition (Nepal)

VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition was established in India in 2001 to share VLCC's dream with today's students and tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Headquartered in Delhi, the Institute is present across 45 campuses in 33 cities including one in Kathmandu (Nepal) and offers specialized professional courses in beauty, hair, cosmetology, make-up, spa therapies, and nutrition.

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