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Prabhu Money Transfer
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Prabhu Group, Inc. d/b/a Prabhu Money Transfer is a **licensed money transfer company by the New York State Department of Financial Services and the Banking Department of Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Puerto Rico. Prabhu Group Inc started its operation in February 2010. Since then Prabhu Group Inc has established 7 branches in New York City Metro area. PGI is engaged in Money Service Business and does most of its businesses with South Asian Countries as well as south East Asian countries. It is worth mentioning here that Prabhu is a well-established company in remittance and banking industry since 2002. It is sound in economic strength. PRABHU is a group of companies from Nepal, Malaysia, USA and having customer support offices in Nepal, Malaysia UAE, Qatar, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Prabhu Money Transfer P. Ltd and Prabhu Bank are respectively remittance and banking companies in Nepal. Visit us at and for more information. Prabhu Group is confident that it will emerge as one of the most favored and efficient South Asian money transmitter service worldwide. It have served the Nepalese community since the early 2000 and ever since it has been able to create a deep impact in the heart of Nepalese society. Prabhu has diversified its business in Nepal cultivating its root into other sector of Business as well. For detailed infer kindly visit the following link: **we currently offer online service to Nepal only

Company’s mission

Prabhu Group Inc’s mission is simple: Safe, Secure & Reliable Remittance. PGI is committed to providing excellent service through their international correspondents and PGI employees are always eager to help their customers. Prabhu has developed direct tie-ups in the following countries:
  • Bangladesh (13 banks cash payment 6000+networks and account credit with all the banks).
  • Pakistan (6 banks for cash payment; 5000 bank branches + and others banks for a/c credit facility in same day).
  • Nepal (4500+ cash payment from banks and agents network; account credit with all banks and financial institution).
  • Malaysia (24 branches, with 40 private agents network and CIMB Bank which has 350 branches).
  • Indonesia (Pt Bank Mandiri , and other agents - cash pick-up, Instant a/c credit to all banks).
  • Philippines (BDO, Muhuller,Cebuana, Land Bank, LBC Bank, Metro Bank, Philippine national Bank and Instant credit to all bank networks).
  • Sri Lanka (Sampath Bank, Hatton National Bank, Bank of Ceylon, instant account credit to all banks).
  • Vietnam (Donga Bank, Exim Bank).
  • India Cash payment (3800+ networks) and we also provide Instant account credit to all banks in India.
  • China 100000 paying agents bank network including China Post.
  • Russia (2 banks).
  • Japan

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