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Picture Nepal – the memoirs of my memories; the traces of my footsteps; impressions of moments.
Picture Nepal is a photo blogging site presenting natural beauty, culture, people lifestyle and geography. It is an independent blogging site who tells story about travel and people lifestyle as well as help nonprofits to grow their communities.
This site is developed and owned by me, Kusal best; who is a free soul traveler. I am not a fine artist but loves art and traveling. I have always support positivism and search happiness even in sad stories. What people are saying?  The creative and good photographer I‘ve had enjoy working with. “Kusal has dedicated his heart and soul to make this world we all work in a better place by helping those who are in need it the most. I was happy to work and share knowledge and do the nonprofit project together, and I hope to do it again with him.” Sarita Sunuwar, share our knowledge. Your pictures are wonderful, and so much diversified that you have captured every possible moment. You’ve been an inspiration to the youths and trying to involve them in this field. “saugat chapagai, student. You are the best of the best and awesome photographer, In my view, you are one of the genius photographers in all Nepal. Does good be good? Amish Jung Shah, Businessman. Thank you all for giving these entire compliments.  
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"Often have we all travelled; to lands unknown; from the fertile plains to the rugged ranges. And if I have carried anything it is memories. I( #Kusal bista), have travelled Nepal extensively - all 75 districts.And the people I met, the landscapes I have felt, arouse in me a necessity to share with you. Each picture in some way tells a story (I hope you agree), and the deciphering I will let you have it.
It not necessarily be good, for I believe in Tolstoy's conception of beauty, that it not necessarily be good. And while travelling I have seen, in that thatched, ugly, out of shape hut a daughter who had lost an arm, yet a beautiful story.

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