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Japan Money Express Company Limited (JME)
Name: Japan Money Express Company Limited (JME)

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Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Company Profile of Japan Money Express Company Limited (JME)

Japan Money Express Company Limited (JME) in short is a legitimate worldwide money transferring organization. It is formally registered with the concerned authority of the Government of Japan and has obtained license from Japanese Finance Bureau to operate abroad remittance business from Japan with license no. 00006. Its central office is located at the heart of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. JME is established in Japan by a group of enthusiast and experienced foreign entrepreneurs for providing remittance service to the expats community and other people residing in Japan, who wants to send their hard earned money back home in an easy, speedy safe and reliable manner.

Mission and Vision

The Sole Vision of this company is to help expat Nepalese community in Japan and across the globe by facilitating them with numerous banking facilities. Mission:
  •  Ensure fast, reliable, secure and convenient money transfer experience to the customers.
  •  Provide number of banking facilities to the customers remotely.
  • To expand reach across the globe and to serve the expat community.
  • Decisive choice of money transfer method across the globe.
  • Most secure and cutting edge technology for safeguard of all customer data.

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