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Computer Planet
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Chittadhar Hridayas Statue, Kalimati Chowk, Kathmandu 44600

Computer Planet on Computer – Education Campaign

Twentieth Century can be regarded as the century of technological revolution because it witnessed innumerable scientific inventions in every sector. The computer is not an exception to this. With the rapid development in semiconductors computer also witnessed development by leaps and bounds. Virtually there is no field where the use of a computer is not employed today. The main use of a computer is to solve complex problems in a millisecond that would take thousands of hours if done manually. People with zero or minimal knowledge about computer are treated as illiterate today with minimal chance of being absorbed in the job market. Realizing the importance of computer education in the present day world computer planet was established in the year 2005. Its sole objective is to educate youths in the application of computer. So far it has produced 5000+ training graduates who are serving in different organizations in responsible posts.

Activities of Computer Planet

Exposure of the youths to the application of computer is the main activity of this institution followed by training in maintenance of the hardware and development of software. In order to make this education accessible to even financially weak youths, this institution offers as much as up to 75 percent discount to those who had just appeared in the S.L.C. examination every year. This scheme was aimed at attracting a maximum number of youths to utilize their free time for computer education which would have otherwise wasted on nonproductive activities.

Loaning Scheme

Apart from activities undertaken as mentioned above, this institution is also serving as a facilitator for providing computers to financially handicapped schools located in the remote areas of the country. It provides computers to such schools either completely free of in a very soft loan depending upon the availability of the donors. Last year this institution made available 3 computers to JhangaJholi School in Sindhuli under a very soft loan scheme. The loan is to be paid back in 3 years period from the contribution of the students at Rs. 20 to 30 per student per month. This scheme is yielding a very encouraging result because apart from having access to computer education the students have developed a sense of belonging towards the computer because of their contribution. They take care of the computers as if they were their own property.

Request to Donors

Computer Planet humbly solicits donations from benevolent donors to achieve maximum access of students of remote areas to computer education. Donors can participate in this noble cause in two ways. They can either donate money to purchase computers from the market and later distribute to most needy schools or they can play the role of guarantee to seek a loan from financial institutions. In the latter case, the money will be refunded after recouping the same from the recipient schools within 2 to 3 years. In order to ensure the donors that the money raised is fully utilized for the cause of computer education, the handover of the computer will be done amidst a brief ceremony to be attended by representatives of District Education Office, District Education Committee and parents of the schools. Video clips of the handover ceremony will be sent to the donors along with the receipt of the computer which will be duly authenticated by the District Education Office or District Education Committee. With the above safety measures enforced, we can assure the donors that money donated will be fully utilized for such a noble cause. Computer Planet solemnly pleads the prospective donors to come forward with open hands to help us help the students of geographically disadvantaged areas of the country to have access to computer education.

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