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Bhasa Nepal
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Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhasa Nepal is the first language translation company of Nepal, comprising of a team of linguists who have been into the document conversion industry for years. Especially proficient in the translations of South Asian languages, with native command over English Nepali, Bengali and Hindi translation, we provide translation and interpretation services into almost all the languages spoken in the present day all over the world.

Meanwhile, Bhasa Nepal is always expanding the team of freelancers, making sure that we pick up the best language professionals and we do so as we do not compromise in compensating our valued translators. Working purely as an agency, the translation revenues our linguists get is at least three times higher than we actually get. This is succinctly why our translators whether they are Nepali or Hindi translator are very motivated. In addition, highly adept and hardworking content writers, DTP publishers, proof-readers and editors, and even the website designers make up our team.

What Bhasa Nepal do

Simply put, Bhasa Nepal works to meet our clients’ linguistic needs. To do so, Bhasa Nepal oversees translation, interpretation, proofreading, editing, language consultations, the publication (desktop and regular).

Our translation quality

Like we said earlier, our primary priority is to deliver the best that fits the clients’ expectations. In doing so, we closely study the projects and determine the assignee. To make sure that we do not assign the projects to the Masters of none but jacks of all, we dissuade the recruitment of know-all translators, closely picking up the linguists having a limited specialism. This helps us in a great deal in the linguist determination process. If the selected linguist is unavailable, we have a backup.

At the meantime, we request the clients to let us have a reasonable time frame if the project is not urgent. After the project translated and provided to us, the project will go to our editors while we also goad the editing by a fellow translator. This way, we are better positioned to deliver the best.

  • For inquiry about translation, please call
  • Santosh Ghimire at 9841196811
  • Srijana Devkota at 9861859302

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